2015 Presenters

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Academic & Research

<strong>David Amodio Ph.D.</strong>
David Amodio Ph.D.Psychology, NYU
David’s Bio
<strong>Emily Balcetis Ph.D.</strong>
Emily Balcetis Ph.D.Psychology, NYU
Emily’s Bio
<strong>Jennifer Beer Ph.D.</strong>
Jennifer Beer Ph.D.Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
Jennifer’s Bio
<strong>Mina Cikara Ph.D.</strong>
Mina Cikara Ph.D.Psychology, Harvard
Mina’s Bio
<strong>Christine Cox Ph.D.</strong>
Christine Cox Ph.D.Neuroscience, NYU
Christine’s Bio
<strong>Wil Cunningham Ph.D.</strong>
Wil Cunningham Ph.D.Psychology, University of Toronto
William’s Bio
<strong>Lila Davachi</strong> <strong>Ph.D.</strong>
Lila Davachi Ph.D.Psychology, NYU
Lila’s Bio
<strong>Josh Davis</strong> <strong>Ph.D.</strong>
Josh Davis Ph.D.Director of Research, NeuroLeadership Institute
Josh’s Bio
<strong>Emily Falk</strong> <strong>Ph.D.</strong>
Emily Falk Ph.D.Communication, Annenberg, U. Penn.
Emily’s Bio
<strong>Heidi Grant Ph.D.</strong>
Heidi Grant Ph.D.Social Psychology, Columbia
Heidi’s Bio
<strong>S. </strong><strong>Matthew Liao Ph.D.</strong>
S. Matthew Liao Ph.D.Philosophy & Bioethics, NYU
S. Matthew’s Bio
<strong>Jennifer Mangels</strong><strong> Ph.D.</strong>
Jennifer Mangels Ph.D.Psychology, Baruch College at CUNY
Jennifer’s Bio
<strong>Pranj Mehta Ph.D.</strong>
Pranj Mehta Ph.D.Psychology, University of Oregon
Pranj’s Bio
<strong>Dean Mobbs Ph.D.</strong>
Dean Mobbs Ph.D.Psychology, Columbia
Dean’s Bio
<strong>Kevin Ochsner Ph.D.</strong>
Kevin Ochsner Ph.D.Psychology, Columbia
Kevin’s Bio
<strong>Dominic Packer Ph.D.</strong>
Dominic Packer Ph.D.Psychology, Lehigh University
Dominic’s Bio
<strong>Jessica Payne Ph.D.</strong>
Jessica Payne Ph.D.Psychology, University of Notre Dame
Jessica’s Bio
<strong>Allison Gaines Pell</strong>
Allison Gaines PellHead of School, Blue School
Allison’s Bio
<strong>Valerie Purdie-Vaughns Ph.D.</strong>
Valerie Purdie-Vaughns Ph.D.Psychology, Columbia University
Valerie’s Bio
<strong>Jonathan Schooler Ph.D.</strong>
Jonathan Schooler Ph.D.Psychology & Neuroscience, UCSB
Jonathan’s Bio
<strong>Nim Tottenham Ph.D.</strong>
Nim Tottenham Ph.D.Psychology, UCLA
Nim’s Bio
<strong>Jay Van Bavel</strong><strong> Ph.D.</strong>
Jay Van Bavel Ph.D.Psychology, NYU
Jay’s Bio
<strong>Adam Waytz Ph.D.</strong>
Adam Waytz Ph.D.Psychology, Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University
Adam’s Bio
<strong>Batia Wiesenfeld Ph.D.</strong>
Batia Wiesenfeld Ph.D.Management, NYU
Batia’s Bio

Leadership & Business

<strong>Michelle Blieberg</strong>
Michelle BliebergSVP of Global Org & Leadership Dev, Time Warner
Michelle’s Bio
<strong>Matt Breitfelder</strong>
Matt BreitfelderChief Talent Office, Managing Director, BlackRock
Matt’s Bio
<strong>Amy Beaulieu</strong>
Amy BeaulieuFacilitation Manager-North America, NeuroLeadership Institute
Amy’s Bio
<strong>Donna Brighton</strong>
Donna BrightonPresident & Founder, Brighton Leadership Group
Donna’s Bio
<strong>Emanuele Conti</strong>
Emanuele ContiCEO of Kroll
Emanuele’s Bio
<strong>Lisa Dodge</strong>
Lisa DodgeDirector of Global Performance Programs, Microsoft
Lisa’s Bio
<strong>Jake Dunagan Ph.D.</strong>
Jake Dunagan Ph.D.Director of Design Futures at 'a verynice design studio'
Jake’s Bio
<strong>Shawna Erdmann</strong>
Shawna ErdmannGlobal Leadership and Learning, Intel
Shawna’s Bio
<strong>Anika Gakovic Ph.D.</strong>
Anika Gakovic Ph.D.Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness Expert
Anika’s Bio
<strong>Jaqui Grey</strong>
Jaqui GreyManaging Director, Europe, NeuroLeadership Institute
Jaqui’s Bio
<strong>Valerie Grillo</strong>
Valerie GrilloChief Diversity Officer, American Express
Valerie’s Bio
<strong>Rosalind Hudnell</strong>
Rosalind HudnellVP of HR & Chief Diversity Officer, Intel
Rosalind’s Bio
<strong>Beth Jones</strong>
Beth JonesSenior Consultant, NeuroLeadership Institute
Beth’s Bio
<strong>Art Kleiner</strong>
Art KleinerEditor-in-Chief, PwC's Strategy& and strategy+business
Art’s Bio
<strong>Karen Kocher</strong>
Karen KocherChief Learning Officer, Cigna
Karen’s Bio
<strong>Brian Kropp</strong>
Brian KroppHR Practice Leader, Managing Director, CEB
Brian’s Bio
<strong>Julie Loosbrock</strong>
Julie LoosbrockSenior VP of HR, Deluxe Corp.
Julie’s Bio
<strong>Georgia Lush</strong>
Georgia LushInstructional Designer & Facilitator, NeuroLeadership Institute
Georgia’s Bio
<strong>Lori Maraist</strong>
Lori MaraistSenior Advisor, Talent Management, CVS Health
Lori’s Bio
<strong>Kevin Martin</strong>
Kevin MartinChief Research & Marketing Officer, I4CP
Kevin’s Bio
<strong>Giselle Martin-Kniep</strong>
Giselle Martin-KniepPresident, Learner-Centered Initiatives
Giselle’s Bio
<strong>Kathleen McCarthy</strong>
Kathleen McCarthySVP and CTO, American Express
Kathleen’s Bio
<strong>Weston McMillan</strong>
Weston McMillanLeadership Development, Adobe Systems
Weston’s Bio
<strong>Alan Momeyer</strong>
Alan MomeyerLoews Corporation
VP of HR
Alan’s Bio
<strong>Tiffany Morris</strong>
Tiffany MorrisVP of Talent Management & Analytics, Sears Holdings
Tiffany’s Bio
<strong>Tricia Naddaff</strong>
Tricia NaddaffPresident, Management Research Group
Tricia’s Bio
<strong>Greg Pryor</strong>
Greg PryorVP, Leadership & Organization Effectiveness, Workday
Greg’s Bio
<strong>Stacy Picklesimer</strong>
Stacy PicklesimerSr. Director of Org. Design & Development, Time Warner Cable
Stacy’s Bio
<strong>Garry Randall</strong>
Garry RandallSVP of HR, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media
Garry’s Bio
<strong>J. Ritchie</strong>
J. RitchieCVP Total Rewards & HR Operations, Microsoft
J’s Bio
<strong>Dr. David Rock</strong>
Dr. David RockDirector, NeuroLeadership Institute
David’s Bio
<strong>Laura Sherbin, Ph.D.</strong>
Laura Sherbin, Ph.D.Chief Financial Officer & Director of Research, CTI
Laura’s Bio
<strong>Anna Tavis Ph.D.</strong>
Anna Tavis Ph.D.Founder and Partner at Global Lab Plus
Ana’s Bio
<strong>Pat Wadors</strong>
Pat WadorsHead of Global Talent, LinkedIn
Pat’s Bio

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