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2014 San Francisco

“The Organization as Ecosystem”

In this summit we had a chance to explore the broader context of an organization – what it is, how it works internally, as well as how it interfaces with the outside world. Think about organizations as fields of deeply connected interactions, in many ways are similar to the brain itself.

This year we explored the organizing principles behind this network – issues like organizational values, how teams are structured, how the network ‘learns’, and how work itself gets organized. Our goal was to find fresh insights to unlock organizational and human performance, drawing from the nexus between brain research and organizational practice.

Topics & Speakers

Reimagine Work

Dr. Josh Davis & Dr. Brian Kropp

Why Teams Do and Don’t Work

Dr. Jay Van Bavel & Maynard Webb

Panel: The Future of HR

Dean Carter, Antonia Cusumano Binetti, Peter Wilson, Keith Yardley & Anje Dodson

The Neuroscience of Organizational Values

Dr. Jamil Zaki, David Reimer & Deborah Bubb

Organizational Growth Mindset

Dr. Carol Dweck, Dr. David Rock & Dr. Heidi Grant

Rethink Learning

Dr. Lila Davachi & Rossann Williams

Hormones & Leadership

Dr. Pranj Mehta & Smrithi Prasad

NeuroLeadership Education

Dr. Grace Chang, Dr. Elliot Berkman, Dr. Terri Egan & Suzanne Lahl

Organizational Mindfulness

Alison Hooker, Dr. Chrissie Cox, Dr. David Creswell & Dr. Jennifer McCusker

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