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2013 Washington D.C.

“The Neuroscience of Leadership Effectiveness”

If you are interested in what is truly cutting edge in organizational effectiveness, leadership development or human performance improvement, this is the Summit not to miss.

Discover what ‘wisdom’ as a leader means from the perspective of the brain, and the brain basis of what is involved in developing others. Explore brain-based leadership assessments, technology solutions, and an advanced track for students of the field.

Topics & Speakers

Navigate The Social Landscape

Dr. Matthew Lieberman & Robin La Chapelle

Leadership Stamina

Dr. Jessica Payne & Corey Munoz Ph.D.

Drive Performance

Dr. Josh Davis & Steven Rice

Accelerate Wisdom

Dr. Dan Radecki, Cara Peck, Adam Bryant & David Reimer

Drive Performance

Dr. Carol Dweck, Dr. David Rock & Dr. Heidi Grant

Rethink Learning

Dr. Lila Davachi & Rossann Williams

Breaking Bias

Dr. Matthew Lieberman & Dr. David Rock


Dr. Rick Gilkey & Sara Mathew

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