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2012 New York

“Leadership and the Collective”

Topics & Speakers

The paradox of caring

How personal should leadership be

Dr. George Kohlrieser & Dr. Naomi Eisenberger

Why culture matters

Dr. Joan Chiao & Susan Sobbott

The reality of the new leader

Virtual, global & massive complexity

Edward Reilly, Robert Tobias, Terry Hogan & Dr. Michael Morris

Collaborate with others

Dr. David Amodio, Dr. Naomi Eisenberger & Dr. Golnaz Tabibnia

Can radical transparency drive business results?

Dr. Golnaz Tabibnia, Ryan Smith & Marc Effron

Focus your aim

A social cognitive neuroscience model for goal pursuit

Dr. Elliot Berkman & Dr. David Rock

Q&A: Social regulation

How we help others manage emotions

Dr. Kevin Ochsner & Jim Whiting

Scanning the pipeline

The neuroscience of leadership transitions

Dr. Grace Chang, Erica Fox & Karen Stefanyszyn

Q&A: Regulate emotion

Dr. Ethan Kross, Dr. Kevin Ochsner & Dr. Elliot Berkman

The impact of age on leadership

Dr. Dan Radecki & Dr. Anna Tavis

Leadership messes with the mind

Ruby Wax, David Reimer & Dr. Ethan Kross

Thinking together

The new science of collective intelligence

Dr. Chris Chabris & Steven Rice

Memes and buzz

The neuroscience of changing minds

Dr. Matt Lieberman & Art Kleiner

Organizational change and neuroscience

Strengthening the connection

Walter McFarland, Cecile Demailly, Dr. Josh Davis,
Donna Brighton & Dr. Amy Lui Abel

Q&A: Facilitate change

Dr. David Creswell, Dr. Chris Chabris & Dr. Matt Lieberman

NeuroLeadership Labs update

Al Ringleb, Chris Ancona

Reinventing work

Fresh thinking for how we get things done

Dr. David Creswell, Saku Tuominen, Sioux Thompson, Dr. Dan Radecki

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