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2010 Boston

“Rethinking Leadership”

The 2010 NeuroLeadership Summit explored the theme of “Rethinking Leadership” and was held from 26-28 October in Boston, USA. Themes of earlier Summits have beeen “Witness the Birth of a New Discipline”, “Making New Connections” and “Toward Integration”.

Topics & Speakers

Mindful leadership

Ellen Langer & Daniel Radecki

A new model for emotion & cognition

Lisa Feldman Barrett & Al Ringleb

Getting to ‘aha’

Jonathan Schooler & Josephine Thomson

The neuroscience of moral decisions

Joshua Greene & Art Kleiner

Making sense of others

Jason Mitchell & Paul Brown

The formation of habit

Kevin Ochsner & Phil Dixon

The art of choosing

Sheena Iyengar

The mechanics of motivation

Dean Mobbs & Walter McFarland

Optimizing learning initiatives
& creating WOW

Lila Davachi & Tobias Kiefer

Teaching meta-cognition

Practitioner case study & best practice sharing

Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Carlos Raimundo, Evian Gordon & Allan Elias

The neuroscience of cultural intelligence

Ying-Yi Hong & David Livermore

The neural challenges of the senior leader

Sleep, stress & performance

Jessica Payne & Christina Lafferty/span>

The neuroscience of intent

Malia Mason & Dr. David Rock

NeuroLeadership field overview

How the field is organized & education programs

Daniel Radecki, Dr. David Rock, Tobias Kiefer, Paul Lawrence, Terry Hogan & Anna Tavis

Quantifying leadership excellence

Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland & Richard Daft

Creating leaders across organizations

Deborah Ancona, Christine Williams, Dr. David Rock & Paul McDonald

More change faster

Moving from a descriptive to an active model of organizational change

Richard Daft, Al Ringleb, Paul Lawrence, Dr. David Rock & Walter McFarland

Creating Change

Case study & best practice sharing for practitioners

Giselle Martin-Kniep, Carol Sanford & M A Greenstein

64 years of heretics

History of organizational change from a neuroleadership perspective

Art Kleiner & Richard Daft

What coaches should & shouldn’t know about the brain

Mary-Joe Emde & Lisa Rock

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