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2008 New York

“Making New Connections”

The 2008 North Amercian Summit was held from 28th-30th October in New York City, NY, USA. This Summit brought 150 change agents from 20 countries around the globe, together with the world’s leading neuroscientists, to talk about the biology of decision making, managing emotions, collaborating with others and facilitating change.

A tremendous number of new connections were made, between people, ideas and research, and new insights for developing leaders.

Topics & Speakers

How attention changes the brain

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz & Henry Stapp

The mental sketchpad: why thinking has limits

Dr. Amy Arnsten

The neuroscience of decision-making

Dr. Amy Arnsten, Dr. Evian Gordon, Celeste Blackman, Bob Eckert & Katharine McLennan

The anatomy of an aha

Dr. Mark Jung-Beeman, Chris Wink, David Rock & Jonah Lehrer

Know thyself: the latest science of mindfulness

Dr. Yiyuan Tang

The limits of memory

Dr. Lila Devaci

Mindfulness discussion

Dr. Yiyuan Tang, Dr. Suzanne Kryder, Dr. Anna Tavis, Mille Grenough & David Rock

Coaching with the brain in mind: a new science for coaching

Christine Williams, Scott Wigley, David Rock & Dr. Linda Page

Stay cool under pressure

Dr. Kevin Ochsner

The brain is a social animal

Dr. Matthew Lieberman

Neuroscience of leadership

John Case, Dr. Kevin Ochsner, Eugene Baker, Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Diane Coutu & Katharine McLennan

Panel on education and the brain: how neuroscience can improve education

Renee Rolleri, Dr. Al Ringleb, Dr. Matthew Lieberman, Shelley Evans-Wild & Andrew Mowat

A quantum theory of trust

Dr. Karen Stephenson

The neuroscience of culture change

Dr. Karen Stephenson, Dr. Brent Oberholtzer, Janet Crawford, Dr. Evian Gordon & Cheryl Doggert

Drive change

David Rock

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