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2008 Sydney

“Making New Connections”

The 2008 Asia Pacific Summit was held from 9th-11th September at the Museum of Contemporary Art at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia. The Summit’s theme was ‘Making new connections’ and we certainly achieved that and a lot more.

A tremendous number of new connections were made, between people, ideas and research, and new insights for developing leaders.

Topics & Speakers

Know Thyself: the Latest Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Craig Hassed

What makes a great leader, and how can studying the brain improve leadership?

Dr. Evian Gordon, Dr. Robert Wood, Craig Hassed, Michael Rennie & Katharine McLennan

And so what?: an exploration of neuroscience in every day life

Dr. Carlos Raimundo

Stay Cool Under Pressure

Dr. Matthew Lieberman & David Rock

NeuroLeadership and Motivation

Dr. Néstor Braidot

Conscious and Unconscious Processes in Decision-making

Dr. Evian Gordon

The Neuroscience of Decision-making

Dr. Evian Gordon, Chris Blake, Sophie, Crawford-Jones, Danielle Fraillon & Hamish McMaster

The mechanics of motivation

Dean Mobbs & Walter McFarland

How Neuroscience can Improve Education

Dr. Matt Leiberman, Patrick Newell, Shelley Evans, Dr. Faye Lambert & Andrew Mowat

Rewiring the Brain: Using Brain Plasticity to Enhance Learning

Norman Doidge

Coaching with the Brain in Mind: a New Science for Coaching

Dr. Lea Waters, Ruth Donde & Linda Page

The Neuroscience of Cultural Change

Art Kleiner, Dr. Robert Wood, Dr. Matthew Lieberman & Victoria Sherwood

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