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2007 Asolo, Italy

“The First Summit”

The 2007 NeuroLeadership Summit held in Asolo, Italy from 14th-16th May, brought together top neuroscientists with leadership development experts and senior business executives, to collaborate on addressing some of today’s most important organizational challenges and to build a better science for leadership by integrating relevant neuroscientific research. The agenda included: How to increase the level of employee engagement, achieve strategic and tactical business goals, and improve decision making.

Topics & Speakers

Why Business Needs Neuroscience

Arie De Geus

How Thoughts Get Incorporated Into Neural Functioning

Henry Stapp

Attention Changes the Brain

Jeffrey Schwartz

The Construction of Individual Subjective Reality

Robert Coghill

The Neuroscience of Cultural Difference

Dr. Yiyuan Tang

The Neural Basis of Insight

Mark Jung Beeman

‘The Social Brain’

David Rock & Jeffrey Schwartz

‘The Neuroscience of Influence’ – Integrative Workshop

David Rock

Driving Organizational Change

John Case, Electrolux & Dr. Al Ringleb

Driving Learning at a Global Organization

Cheryl Dogget

Teaching Neuroscience in a Business School

The CIMBA Team

Case Study on Driving Change in K-12 Education’

Jamie Cloud

Teaching Neuroscience in a Business School

Dr. Al Ringleb

2007 Sponsors

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