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Past Summits

2016 — New York

Rethink the Organization

Immerse yourself in the latest neuroscience and industry research that is motivating leaders to rethink the organization. Join us to engage with some of the most influential minds in neuroscience and business as they unpack the research that’s having an enormous impact on large organizations.

2016 — New York Summit Sessions and Topics

  • Transform Performance with the SCARF® Model
  • Select Better
  • Technology for the Future of Performance Management
  • The Neuroscience of Ethics & Values
  • Break Bias with The SEEDS Model®
  • Make Organizations Mindful
  • Is PM Transformation Worth It?
  • The Neuroscience of Self-Regulation
  • Audience Research Participation
  • Reboot Leadership Development
  • D&I: from Awareness to Change
  • The Neuroscience of Innovation
  • Drive Learning with the AGES Model
  • Accelerate Inclusion
  • Learning Solutions at Scale
  • The Neuroscience of Effective Teams

2016 — New York Presenters

Tessa V. West, Ph.D.

New York University

Dr. Josh Davis

Deb Bubb


Valerie Purdie-Greenaway, Ph.D.

Columbia University

Joe Whittinghill


Mauricio Delgado, Ph.D.

Rutgers University

Heidi Grant, Ph.D.

NeuroLeadership Institute

Beth Jones

Dr. David Rock

NeuroLeadership Institute

Jay Van Bavel, Ph.D.

New York University

Dean Carter

Patagonia, Inc.

Malcolm CasSelle

tronc Inc.

Rob Cross

University of Virginia

Amy C. Edmondson, Ph.D.

Harvard Business School

Robert Kegan, Ph.D.


Karen Kocher


Dr. Brian Kropp


Soledad O’Brien

Starfish Media Group

Jessica Payne, Ph.D.

Notre Dame

Steven Rice

The Gates Foundation

Eva Sage-Gavin


Lisa Rock

NeuroLeadership Institute

Batia Wiesenfeld, Ph.D.

New York University Stern

2016 — New York Sponsors