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2015 — New York

Accelerate Leadership

Organizations everywhere are searching for ways to streamline their talent and business development journey. They are looking for ways to maximize return on people-focused initiatives and do it all in the most efficient way possible. For the 2015 Summit, we are aligning the flow of sessions and focusing content around this idea; from Picking Stars Early to Create Lasting Change, and plenty of fascinating topics in between. This year is about examining how organizations evolve and exploring research-driven ways leaders can ‘accelerate leadership’ at every level.

2015 — New York Summit Sessions and Topics

  • Pick Stars Early
  • Performance Management Report
  • Behavior Change
  • The Brain at School
  • Optimize Compensation
  • Understanding Others
  • Neuropolitics
  • Grow People Faster
  • Rethink Diversity & Inclusion
  • Diversity & Inclusion Report
  • Persuasion & Influence
  • Integrating NeuroLeadership Into Organizations
  • Insight & Creativity
  • Hormones & Leadership
  • Accelerate Change

2015 — New York Presenters

Dr. Josh Davis

Valerie Purdie-Greenaway, Ph.D.

Columbia University

Shawna Erdmann


Heidi Grant, Ph.D.

NeuroLeadership Institute

Dr. David Rock

NeuroLeadership Institute

Jay Van Bavel, Ph.D.

New York University

Dr. David Amodio

Dr. Emily Balcetis


Dr. Jennifer Beer

University of Texas at Austin

Michelle Blieberg

Time Warner

Matt Breitfelder


Donna Brighton

Dr. Mina Cikara


Emanuele Conti


Chrissie Cox, Ph.D.

Wil Cunningham, Ph.D.

University of Toronto

Lila Davachi, Ph.D.

Lisa Dodge


Dr. Jake Dunagan

Emily Falk, Ph.D.

Univesity of Pennsylvania

Allison Gaines Pell

Blue School

Dr. Anika Gakovic


Valerie Grillo

Rosalind Hudnell


Art Kleiner

Strategy + Business

Karen Kocher


Dr. Brian Kropp


Dr. S. Matthew Liao


Julie Loosbrock

Deluxe Corporation

Dr. Jennifer Mangels

Baruch College at CUNY

Lori Maraist

CVS Health

Kevin Martin

Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)

Giselle Martin-Kniep

Kathleen McCarthy

American Express

Weston McMillan

Pranjal Mehta, Ph.D.

University College London

Dean Mobbs, Ph.D.

California Institute of Technology

Alan Momeyer

Loews Corporation

Tiffany Morris

Tricia Naddaff

Management Research Group

Dr. Dominic Packer

Lehigh University

Jessica Payne, Ph.D.

Notre Dame

Stacy Picklesimer

Time Warner Cable

Smrithi Prasad

Greg Pryor


Garry Randall

J. Ritchie


Dr. Jonathan Schooler


Dr. Laura Sherbin


Dr. Anna Tavis

Global Lab Plus

Dr. Nim Tottenham


Pat Wadors


Adam Waytz, Ph.D.

Kellogg School of Management

Lisa Rock

NeuroLeadership Institute

Batia Wiesenfeld, Ph.D.

New York University Stern

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