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Past Summits

2011 — San Francisco

Adaptive Organizations

Attendees from over 25 countries gathered at the 2011 Summit from 8 to 10 November in San Francisco, USA. The theme for 2011 was ‘Adaptive Organizations’ and took on a more organizational perspective. The program involved senior executives in the discussion, as they thought about how to create more resilient, dynamic, adaptive organizations through understanding the brain. Presenters included senior executives involved in talent management or leadership development from the following organizations: NASA, Twitter, Google, Dun & Bradstreet, Hewlett-Packard, Brown Brothers Harriman, Facebook, Marriott International, Sony Pictures, and more.

2011 — San Francisco Summit Sessions and Topics

  • Creating adaptive, resilient organizations
  • The beliefs organizations should hold
  • The neuroscience of global talent management
  • Brain fitness panel
  • The impact of brain research on governance and administration of power
  • Why it is hard to think about the future & how to do it better?
  • The importance of the social brain for leaders
  • The power of language and how to use it to drive change
  • The neuroscience of goals
  • The neurobiology of leadership assessments
  • The deeper neuroscience of SCARF
  • How organizations can better harness emotions to be more adaptive
  • The senior executive brain
  • The levers that drive organizational culture
  • How neuroscience is changing the landscape
  • Leadership across stages, ages, gender culture
  • Doing NeuroLeadership research
  • Turning leaders into heroes

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