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Past Summits

2009 — Los Angeles

Toward Integration

The NeuroLeadership Institute, together with Results Coaching Systems & CIMBA hosted the NeuroLeadership Summit at the UCLA Faculty Centre in Los Angeles, USA from 27th-29th October 2009. Over 150 people gathered from 19 countries for the event. The program was built around the theme “Toward Integration” and brought together some of the most important neuroscientists and business leaders of our times.

2009 — Los Angeles Summit Sessions and Topics

  • Neuroscience 101
  • How to design social neuroscience research studies
  • The brain at school
  • Mindfulness and the integrated brain
  • How we make decisions
  • The neuroscience of flow
  • Making decisions in groups
  • Emotional regulation and the brain
  • The neuroscience of motivation
  • How we know each other
  • The social brain
  • Learning from the masters of change
  • Making leadership development stick
  • How language creates the world

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