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Past Summits

2008 — New York

Making New Connections

The 2008 Asia Pacific Summit was held from 9th-11th September at the Museum of Contemporary Art at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia. The Summit’s theme was ‘Making new connections’ and we certainly achieved that and a lot more. A tremendous number of new connections were made, between people, ideas and research, and new insights for developing leaders.

2008 — New York Summit Sessions and Topics

  • How attention changes the brain
  • The mental sketchpad: why thinking has limits
  • The neuroscience of decision-making
  • The anatomy of an aha
  • Know thyself: the latest science of mindfulness
  • The limits of memory
  • Mindfulness discussion
  • Coaching with the brain in mind: a new science for coaching
  • Stay cool under pressure
  • The brain is a social animal
  • Neuroscience of leadership
  • Panel on education and the brain: how neuroscience can improve education
  • A quantum theory of trust
  • The neuroscience of culture change
  • Drive change

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