Every disruption offers a chance at new beginnings. Discover yours.

The theme of this year’s Summit is Build a Better Normal, because we recognize how important it is to find a new path. Current events, controversies, crises—it all weighs on us. What’s important is that we choose how we respond to stay effective.

Now more than ever, we must Build a Better Normal. For ourselves and for our world.

Rethink Conferences

Ever since our first NeuroLeadership Summit in 2007, on an Italian hillside, we’ve tried to set ourselves apart from ordinary conferences. Based on the science of insight, we’ve centered the action in the seats, not on the stage. Based on the science of learning, our sessions maximize absorption, not information. That’s been our approach for 16 Summits over 13 years.

But now, we’re looking to set ourselves apart once again—and we mean it literally. Due to COVID-19, this year’s Summit, Build a Better Normal, will take place entirely online. We’ll explore new ways of connecting, learning, and—new to this year’s conference—designing leadership solutions in a collaborative, ideathon-style format.

It’s a brand-new world out there, and it’s a brand-new Summit in here. Let’s build something incredible.

Conference Principles

Cognitive science doesn’t just support the content of our Summit sessions; it informs the entire design of the conference experience. Here are four key principles of the NeuroLeadership Summit:

– Ideas are like food, so we ensure there’s time for digestion

– Social experiences enhance recall, so expect to make friends

– Less is more for building habits, so we focus only on the essentials

– Cognitive capacity is real, so we work hard not to overwhelm you

From Psychology Today

Rethinking How We ‘Conference’: How to design a conference with the brain in mind.

By Dr. David Rock Read More


Who attends the Summit?

C-Level Executives

Discover how brain research unlocks new possibilities for dramatic organizational improvement, productivity, and innovation.

L & D Professionals

Learn how to create applicable learning experiences that are powered by a deeper understanding of how the human brain functions.

Talent & HR Professionals

Explore the latest HR trends, best practices, and case studies featuring some of the most influential global organizations.