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Summit 2018 | NYC, Oct 3-5

Rethink Conferences


Our Mission is to create the most brain-friendly conference in the world.

The Institute has spent 13 events over the last 10 years iterating and experimenting around the question of how to design a conference with participant goals in mind.

We believe a participant’s central goals at conferences are discovering useful new ideas and creating new human connections. Being that our Summit is grounded in the latest neuroscience research, we had to ensure that the format and content was in step with how the brain optimally learns and retains new information.

Conference Principles

It turns out that if you apply findings from neuroscience to designing a conference, everyone gets a lot more out of it. Here are four principles of the NeuroLeadership Summit:

  • Ideas are like food – allow time for digestion
  • Social experiences are crucial – let people connect more
  • Do less, but do it really well – less is more sometimes
  • Work with, not against, the natural flow of energy – we have limits that need to be respected

To learn more about the science behind the design of the NeuroLeadership Summit, read the full blog post Rethinking How We Conference.

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