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About the NeuroLeadership Summit


For all the time we spend trying, humans are terrible at predicting the future. What if, as computer scientist Alan Kay once said, the best way to predict the future is to invent it? At the NeuroLeadership Summit we assemble the brightest minds to generate the deepest insights that will help your organization invent your way into the unknown.

Why Attend?

Some of the questions we’ll be exploring this year include:

• Why are our brains so bad at thinking about the future, and how do we do it better?

• If insights open up possible futures, how do we design for them?

• If the future involves even more information than we have now, how can we possibly handle that? Have we hit “peak mental processing”?

• How can we nudge our leaders so that in future they use their power for the greater good and less for personal gain?

• What can neuroscience tell us about moving more effectively into new, more digital futures?

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