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2015 New York


“Accelerate Leadership”

Organizations everywhere are searching for ways to streamline their talent and business development journey. They are looking for ways to maximize return on people-focused initiatives and do it all in the most efficient way possible.  For the 2015 Summit, we are aligning the flow of sessions and focusing content around this idea; from Picking Stars Early to Create Lasting Change, and plenty of fascinating topics in between. This year is about examining how organizations evolve and exploring research-driven ways leaders can ‘accelerate leadership’ at every level.

Topics & Speakers

Pick Stars Early

Pat Wadors, Dr. Kevin Ochsner & Kathleen McCarthy

Performance Management Report

Lisa Dodge, Alan Momeyer, Dr. Anika Gakovic & Tiffany Morris

Behavior Change

Emanuele Conti, Dr. Jennifer Beer, Dr. Dominic Packer, Dr. David Amodio & Dr. Batia Wiesenfeld

The Brain at School

Giselle Martin-Kniep, Allison Gaines Pell, Dr. Nim Tottenham & Dr. Lila Davachi

Optimize Compensation

J. Ritchie, Dr. Brian Kropp, Dr. Dean Mobbs & Dr. Anna Tavis

Understanding Others

Michelle Blieberg, Dr. Christine Cox, Dr. Adam Waytz & Dr. Mina Cikara


Art Kleiner, Dr. Jake Dunagan, Dr. S. Matthew Liao & Dr. Jay Van Bavel

Grow People Faster

Dr. Emily Balcetis, Garry Randall & Dr. Josh Davis

Rethink Diversity & Inclusion

Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, Dr. Valerie Purdie-Vaughns & Rosalind Hudnell

Diversity & Inclusion Report

Matt Breitfelder, Tricia Naddaff, Kevin Martin, Valerie Grillo, Weston McMillan & Dr. Laura Sherbin

Persuasion & Influence

Lori Maraist, Dr. Jay Van Bavel, Dr. Emily Falk, Dr. Wil Cunningham & Donna Brighton

Integrating NeuroLeadership Into Organizations

Karen Kocher, Stacy Picklesimer, Julie Loosbrock, Greg Pryor & Shawna Erdmann

Insight & Creativity

Dr. Josh Davis, Dr. Jennifer Mangels, Dr. Jessica Payne & Dr. Jonathan Schooler

Hormones & Leadership

Dr. Pranjal Mehta & Smrithi Prasad

Accelerate Change

Dr. David Rock & Murray Hidary

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